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Cottage Pie – Single Serve



Cottage Pie – Double Serve



Cottage Pie – Five Serve




3 Fruits Cheescake – Double Serve



Fruit Salad Trifle



Grated Cheese -160gm



Fruit Salad



Strawberry Ice-Cream Bar 2-pack



BCC freeze dried food is dried very quickly using highly specialised machinery & techniques involving freezing vacuum & heat. As a result the water forms ice crystals inside the product which then sublimate directly to vapour which is then removed. As a result almost all water is removed & ingredients retain their approx size & appearance & have a sponge like structure that will re-absorb water quickly. Dehydrated food on the other hand is just dried slowly so the structure collapses & as a result not as much water can be easily removed & the product shrinks & so cannot be easily or quickly rehydrated.

No Preservatives: BCC does not use preservatives. It is long life is provided by it is very low moisture content (which prevents biological activity), high quality packaging, & nitrogen flushing.

Longer Lasting: BCC gives a 3 year best before date. Products can last well beyond that provided they are stored appropriately & the packaging remains sealed & in good condition, & they contain only dried ingredients (for example no flat bread). Other types of dry food can last just 1 year or less.

Handles Higher Storage Temperatures: Because of their exceptionally low moisture content BCC freeze dri products handle higher storage temperature better than wet-pack meals & higher moisture content dehydrated product.

Better Packaging: BCC uses nitrogen-flushed heavy duty foil laminate light-blocking gas-barrier hermetically sealed pouches.

Quicker & Easier To Prepare: Because it is freeze dried the BCC food requires no cooking & can be prepared in the pouch; you just add hot water, wait 10 minutes, & eat.

Lighter: BCC freeze dried meals can be less than a third of the weight of wet-pack meals.

Less FuelYou only need enough fuel to bring water to the boil to prepare BCC. Dehydrated meals can require significantly more fuel as they usually require 20+ minutes cooking.

Less Cleaning-up: BCC freeze dried food can be prepared & eaten in the pouch so you may only need to clean your spoon. The zip seal pouch makes rubbish disposal a breeze; you just toss in any other rubbish, roll it up, zip it closed & pop it in your pack.

More Flavours: BCC offers 40 different items (excluding different sizes) covering dinners, desserts lunches breakfasts & extras.

More Sizes: BCC offers singles, doubles, 5-serves, bulk packs & ration packs.

More Dietary Options: BCC offers beef, chicken, lamb, fish, & vegetarian meals. BCC offers 11 gluten free meals & 8 gluten free extras. All BCC chicken & lamb is halal. BCC is peanut-free.

Highest Quality Reliability & SafetyBCC is made to the highest Australian & New Zealand food standards. The BCC factory operates at extremely high standards & holds a high NZ export rating.

More New ProductsBCC is committed to developing new products. Flameless Heater Packs, Instant Lunch Wraps & Ice-Cream Bars are just some recent examples of exciting new products.

Best Known: BCC is widely recognised & trusted, being the market leader in Australia & New Zealand for more than 10 years.

Good Availability: Good reserves & monthly replenishment means everything is almost always in stock.

Nutritionally BalancedBCC meals are developed by nutritional experts to provide the complete nutritional requirements of active people in the outdoors. Freeze drying preserves the nutritional benefits of the food. This is why BCC is the choice of extreme outdoor athletes engaged in record breaking endeavours as well as your average camper & hiker.

Suitable For Emergencies: BCC’s long shelf life, large range, robust high quality packaging, & flameless heater packs, make it uniquely suitable for the growing emergency rations market.

New Zealand PureBCC is made in the extreme south of New Zealand, probably the cleanest & remotest corner of the purest environment on earth.